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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Prison Break

Kira took herself home from school today, when she judged she wasn't going to get any more information or fun out of them.

This, needless to say, was NOT when the school day ended, but during a random break.

In other words, she ran away from school.

'You WHAT?' I fumed. 'You RAN AWAY from school?'
'I didn't run' (innocent eyes). 'I Took my Time'.
'...xaarrrgglllaaghx.'. Silent, loaded stares, more of the innocence, more of the indeterminate sounds denoting PPH (pre-apoplectic parental hyperventilation). To convince me, she adds:
'I even stopped to talk to someone'.
Oh, great.

'And they didn't STOP you?'
'Oh, they didn't see me.'

Of course: the perfect prison break. Nice and easy. Fox River Eight, watch and learn. Michael Scofield, eat your heart out.