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Friday, 7 January 2011

Out of a Cloud and Wanting Back

I've started to notice something. Call me naive, but I had no idea this kind of stuff could be any fun to anyone.

Friend 1: "So. Is the house ready yet? How long did you say you've been building it? Two years? Wow, and still not ready, huh? O dear. We built ours in four months. Two months really, I couldn't wait to have it all finished so I moved in early... you know how it is, don't you?..."

Friend 2: "So where did you say your husband was? Pakistan? Wow, that's far. Us lot? Home together, of course. How long did you say your husband's away? Five months? Wow, that's long. We can't seem to be able to stay apart, you know? Together here, together there, together everywhere. Can't get rid of him. Ha, ha."

Friend 3: "You were saying your daughter's got difficulties reading in English? Funny that, my boy here, he just took off. I blinked and he was reading. Just finished Shakespeare's complete works, as a matter of fact. How old's your daughter? Nine in July? Wow. He's a full six months younger..."

Now why would anyone say anything like that? It's taken a while, but all of a sudden it became clear: this could be a case (or three) of supreme bitchiness. Even if unconscious or involuntary, it's still that. In any case, it may explain why I'm on my way to becoming a hermit.


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