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Friday, 9 March 2012

44 days, 9

I'm reading a book about Theseus – The Bull from the Sea by Mary Renault – and I can't help thinking that her Theseus - in this book - is very similar to her Alexander – in The Persian Boy (which you took with you, didn't you?). Two beautiful, vital gold-haired lads who play with the world like lion cubs, strong, determined, unused to being refused anything. I find myself a little in love with them, as one is when faced with people (virtual or real) who follow their own strong certainties wherever they might take them.

I've been reading Greek legends since I learned to read, I love them. Of all heroes, I've always had a soft spot for Theseus, but my Theseus was tall, strong and slender, with long black hair and green eyes.

Eeeeh... brief snooze. I have plenty of time to think about this today because today I am 'designing bathrooms'. I'm sitting at Cheeta's table on the veranda, in superb sunshine, with a white piece of paper in front of me, and a head just as blank. Yeah, perhaps you should start to be worried. I've decided to make a mosaic on our bathroom wall.

But first: where have I put my drawing skills? I pick up a pencil, concentrate for a minute. A dreadful squiggle emerges, so, so far from my inspired imaginings. I despair, start again. Read a bit about Theseus, eat an olive, draw a snow goose. It goes on like this. I've now used up three pencils, haven't yet found my drawing skills, and will have plenty of paper to start a fire tonight. My latest snow goose has got a mermaid's tail – maybe I'll keep that one.

It's all pretty idyllic, until Sergio the plumber appears, has a look around and states that the house is 'too much of a building site' to install any serious gear, like sinks and radiators. This is so depressing to hear that, will you please excuse me, I need to go back to Theseus.


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