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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

44 days, 34

This is a story about Lyra. Miaow. Today one of us left the Velux window open at the alambique. She stepped in.

On the table she found two fishcakes. She ate them.

On the chair there were some books. She knocked them down and curled up.

The chair was not comfortable enough, so she went upstairs. Found the softest bed and fell asleep.
Where the three of us found her. Gasp. Whoosh – out of the window and back into the woods, long golden tail swishing behind her.

Question: what fairy tale did Lyra enact today?

Hint: mama bear was NOT pleased.
Hint hint: no LOCKS can keep that cat out of the house.
Hint hint hint: Once again, Lyra found everything JUST RIGHT!


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