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Monday, 9 April 2012

44 days, 40

Kira woke up in yesterday morning tingling with excitement for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Egg WHAT? was the motherly reaction, I'm a little ashamed to say. In fact it's worse...(WHAT? Today's EASTER?) Ahem, right.

Nikita jumps to the rescue. Three coffees later (all for me), we have some clues, and we walk the Trail and hide the eggs. Then she's ready to go:

She doesn't much like the first Clue:

'How do you define 'compost loo'?
I need to know now, please, I beg...
'Simple! YOU give IT a fresh... shhh
('Oh tell me, do!' 'OK, starts with 'p', ends with 'oo')
And IT gives YOU a chocolate egg!
(there is, by the way, one more clue:
Don't be late
Don't jump in
Try the gate
Not that one, that's the door, try once more:
the BACK gate!)

So she makes a face, but finds the gate and we have CHOCO-LIFT OFF!

And on it goes. It tests the mind:

… and the body:

Some eggs are easy to get:

Some require assistance from all, including Saffie:

It leads to a tight spot, as always. Luckily the girl has a good eye and long arms, she strikes gold:

And gets the great prize!!!!

And now can we all have a nap?

P.S. This was my partner-in-chocolate. The Force was with him, again. He saved me from a life of juvenile rhyme and meadows of lost Easter eggs. Thank you, Master...


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