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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Military Mystery

Kira has got a new interest: the Second World War. She quotes 'We'll fight on the beaches...' as soon as she walks into a book shop and spots Churchill on a shelf. She's reading a book about English children being put on trains and sent to the countryside to live with complete strangers. Her hot water bottle is called Hitler.

Yesterday she mused (clutching Hitler to her chest): 'Why was Hitler so mean?... and racist?... and anti-gay?... then a thought struck her:

Kira: 'Could gay people be among his nancies?'

Me: 'Not nice to call gay people 'nancies'!'

Kira (indignant): 'But 'nancies' are his men!'

Me: 'Huh?'

Kira: 'You know, his army! The NANCIES!'

Me (lights coming on): 'The Nazis?'

Kira: Yes. The Nancies.

Aha. Still, we have the question: were gay people among Hitler's nancies? Military mystery what-what.


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