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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thai Trail 1 - The Unexpected Journey

I haven’t written in a while: we were in Thailand, with two computers, an IPad and big plans to write lots and lots.

We had to go somewhere, had to skip across the border and then back. Visa requirements. Kira was off school, spring holiday. Was it possible that we were having a holiday?

We normally go home, visit our families, join other people in their hours, rhythms, chaos. It is the very opposite of 'getting away'.

But now? What were we doing now? We boarded our flight, unsure and unprepared. I misspelled 'Bangkok' (will spare you the resulting attempts). Couldn't remember the name of the other place, the island. Hadn't looked at a map. Didn't know a thing about planes, boats and tuk-tuks.

Well, what a blast, what joy, what an adventure! No idea what we 'should have done', what 'was going on', what we 'might have missed': therefore we missed nothing and what we did was the only thing to do, the most vital and exciting. A bit like life should be, really. If only.

And now, finally, I'm beginning to write.


At 19 April 2013 at 14:26 , Blogger Magnus said...

haha! totally this... we had no idea what to do or expect or where to go (we're no good at guides or books like that) and so as you say it all happened like it was supposed to. it was great. can we go back? or just go and go to other places until... until we don't need to any more. or until we find some waves:)


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