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Friday, 13 April 2012

44 days, 44

Day 44. Friday the 13th (what are the chances?)… The last day of Blog Camp.

So, it can be done. One CAN write a little thing every day and share it with one’s two readers.

You can do it even with normal, rainy days like today. Days that start with ‘So much to do, but there’s PLENTY of time, let’s have a coffee’; continue with: ‘Ehm, this is taking a bit longer than I thought…’; become really interesting with: ‘Oh no, there’s THAT (and that and that and that) to do too…’ and ‘WHAT, you need a ride into town, and where else? And you want to be picked up too?’; and end with: ‘So much to do. Yawn. And the blog. What can I possibly write about today?’

This is where, today, the toad comes in. Back from the shower (mixed with heavy rain and wind, shower curtain wrapped around me like a cold octopus), so yeah: back from the shower, I find the toad on the veranda. It makes these slow and sticky lunges in my direction. After the shower curtain, I have no desire for another cold, wet encounter. So I say: ‘Shoo’ – of course, it's both inaccurate (what do you say to a toad) and useless. The creature gives another exhausted lunge.

I notice it has big dark eyes – in the light of my torch they shine without any discernible expression. At this point, I think of the Frog Prince. And recoil; imagine picking Starship Slime here and giving it a life-changing kiss. A second alarming thought: how many people actually see a toad AND immediately picture kissing it? Have I lost it, reader?

You’ll be relieved to hear: I didn’t kiss the toad. I have my prince already – and he’s on his way home!

In the meantime, blog written, there’s still SO much to do.


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